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When you choose Accardo Endodontics for your root canal therapy you will receive personalized care delivered in a comfortable and friendly environment. Patients feel at ease right away and love the one-on-one attention they receive from Dr. Accardo. She is available for emergency appointments, and she's happy to offer a second opinion on your treatment needs if necessary.

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  • Dr. Accardo did an awesome job (root canal procedure) She was very gentle & friendly. Highly recommended.
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Getting root canal therapy might seem overwhelming at first, but patients can rest assured they are in good hands when they choose Dr. Chelsea Accardo for their treatment. You will be feeling comfortable again in no time!

Personalized Care

Dr. Accardo spends a great deal of time with every patient to ensure that they feel relaxed and understand each step of the process. She believes that providing patients with a thorough explanation of the endodontic treatment and recovery process helps alleviate the unknown and the fear that sometimes occurs with this type of procedure.

Dr. Accardo ensures that her patients feel completely at ease before moving forward with any treatment.

Advanced Technology

Patients will find a welcoming atmosphere that feels like home at Accardo Endodontics. The office is also equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as 3-D imaging, that makes diagnosis and the root canal therapy itself precise and efficient for patients.

Dr. Accardo also utilizes rotary endodontic tools to make treatment more comfortable. These are innovative electric tools crafted from nickel titanium, making them more flexible than the stainless steel hand tools used in the past. Rotary endodontic tools also make it easier to remove infected tissue from within your tooth.

Because they are electric, these tools provide a more efficient experience, which means less time in the chair for patients.

Recovering from Root Canal Therapy

You will receive specific instructions from Dr. Accardo for a smooth and comfortable recovery process. We are always available to guide you through the process or answer any questions you may have during your recovery.

It’s normal for your tooth to feel a bit tender the first few days after your root canal. Dr. Accardo will provide you with a list of appropriate food items to eat during recovery, and she’ll follow up with you after your procedure to ensure that the proper healing is taking place.

After your tooth is completely healed, you will return to your dentist so it can be strengthened with a permanent filling or crown. This will help ensure that your tooth provides the same function as it did before.

Once your tooth is restored, you will be able to eat and chew normally again.

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Root canal therapy has suffered from a bad reputation in the past because of the pain associated with it. The truth is, you are actually feeling pain from the infection in your tooth while the root canal alleviates that pain. Dr. Accardo is striving to change perceptions about root canals by providing a pleasant and comfortable experience for every patient.

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We are here for you! Our office is open for patients with dental emergencies and we are taking extra precautions due to the COVID-19 virus. We want to ensure our patients that their appointments will not overlap and we are adhering to universal precautions and standards, including disinfecting all areas between patients.  If you do have an emergency, please call our office at (504) 309-3917.