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Patient FAQs

When can I get an appointment and how long should the procedure take?

If it is an emergency, it is best to be seen right away.  We have allotted time each day for such situations, so please give our office a call. To treat the patient thoroughly, the procedure itself will usually take around an hour and a half, including plenty of time for personalized attention. Consultation times will vary but typically are well within a half hour.

How long can I wait to get this procedure done?

Dental problems typically do not resolve themselves without intervention. The longer treatment is ignored, the more problems it can create later, making it harder to remedy. Dr. Accardo recommends seeking an appointment as soon as a dental issue is suspected.

Is the procedure safe?

Yes. Dr. Accardo uses the safest and most reliable methods in endodontics.  She conducts a thorough consultation and diagnosis prior to treatment, and she follows up with every patient afterward. She is always available for any questions concerns.

What kind of pain relief is offered and how will this procedure affect me long term?

Treatment alone will significantly reduce a patient's pain. Any pain medications that may be given will be specifically tailored to the individual before, during, and after the procedure.  Ice packs are provided, as it is best to keep the affected area cool.  Most patients are tender or sore for one to three days and can expect a full recovery within one week. After a root canal treatment, it is typical to need a crown to protect the tooth.

What is the cost of root canal therapy?

The total cost will depend on the extent of the procedure; however, when you consider the bigger picture, saving your tooth is often the most cost-effective option. Without root canal treatment, an infection could result in tooth loss, which may be costly to replace. Additional cost may come from completing a crown to protect the tooth after the procedure is done; however, root canal treatment is much more affordable than a dental bridge or implant.   

We work with many insurance plans and we are happy to file the claim for you as a courtesy. We strive to get the most benefits permissible.

Financing is available through CareCredit. We also accept most major credit cards in addition to cash or check. Please contact our friendly office staff for more information.

Why do I need to see a specialist?

Specializing in a narrow field of dentistry allows a doctor to perfect the artistry of their craft; focusing on a limited number of procedures gives expertise gained only through repetition and experience. Dr. Accardo is a Board-Certified endodontist, one of a few in the state of Louisiana, and she takes pride in the work of every root canal.

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