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A healthy, beautiful smile starts here.


Our office is dedicated to preserving your natural teeth. Our expertly trained staff have specialized in the field of endodontics. Endodontic procedures include root canal treatment, root canal re-treatment, and root end surgery.


We are also involved with vital pulp treatments, bleaching, extraction/re-implantation and regenerative procedures. 


Signs that you may need a Root Canal include: pain, swelling, a "gumboil" (pimple of the gums), difficulty chewing, sensitivity to hot or cold foods/drinks, discolored, cracked or broken teeth.

Our dentist may have referred you to us because of findings from the X-rays, like large fillings/cavities or dark areas at the end of your roots. Sometimes it is easy to feel what you need and where; other times it can be challenging. Pain/swelling may be related to other structures than your teeth.

As much as we love doing Root Canals, we only want to do the ones that need them.

Our evaluation includes an Oral Cancer Screening:

We take the time to listen and find out what is the source of discomfort.


Dr. Chelsea Accardo



Improve your smile today!

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