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Our Technology

At Accardo Endodontics, we utilize the most modern and effective advancements in endodontic devices, instruments and techniques in an effort to save your tooth. Read more about the technology we use below.


The Carestream 8100 is a cone beam computed tomography unit that produces high quality, sharp 3D digital images of a limited area while providing maximum comfort for the patient. 


The Schick sensor provides industry-leading theoretical resolution. The superior image quality brings an unprecedented level of clarity, sharpness and detail to digital radiography.

GentleWave System Front.png

The high-tech irrigation process of the GentleWave System harnesses optimized procedure fluids, vortical flow and broad-spectrum acoustic energies to disinfect the root canal system with a minimally invasive protocol that leaves more of the tooth structure intact.


The EndoVac apical negative pressure irrigation system utilizes suction to pull cleansing irrigant down the root canal then up and away through the Hi-Vac suction unit. This method ensures a safe, efficient and effective cleaning of the root canal.


At Accardo Endodontics, we have two types of dental operating microscopes to ensure maximum precision in oral surgery. Both our Leica and Global microscopes utilize high powered magnification to provide a clear image, which can then be saved and uploaded to the patient files.

Onset-by Onpharma-resized_converted.jpg

Local anesthetics generally have a low or acidic pH. The Onpharma Buffering system raises the pH of the anesthetic to neutral (7.4) before it is administered in an effort to make the local anesthetic onset faster, more predictable and most of all more comfortable.


Dentists and oral hygienists can be the first to notice an oral cancer growth. With Goccles Oral Cancer Screening goggles, we are able to perform a non-invasive examination of the oral cavity.

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