Root Canal Treatment and Re-Treatment

You need a Root Canal when micro-organisms from your mouth get into, or close to, the inside of a tooth (called a nerve or pulp).  The micro-organisms get there through cavities (usually), or cracks in a tooth.

Often someone needs a Root Canal after a large filling, or sometimes where a crown has been placed.

Root Canal Treatment means making a small access, or entrance, in the top or back part of a tooth.  From there, the inner portion is cleaned and filled.

A common misunderstanding is that we cut the roots from the tooth.  I like to explain that it is more like cleaning and caulking the inside of a pipe.

If you have a crown we are usually able to keep the crown in place for you.  If you do not have a crown you will most likely need to have one placed after we finish with the Root Canal Treatment.

First time Root Canals have a very high probability of success.

Re-Treating a Root Canal

Sometimes Root Canals need to be redone.  Micro-organisms have been able to regrow inside the Root Canal system and the canals need to be cleaned out again.

The process is similar to an initial Root Canal Treatment, except we need to get the previous material out first. It is like a renovation of a house.